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The Right Day to Start Something

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

It's tricky to choose the right day to start something. That 'first day of term' feeling can be hard to recapture, when most days are work-days.

I was struggling to decide on a deadline for publishing this first website for Seren Creative, but since March 1st is St David's Day, and St David is the patron saint of Wales, it's seems the right day to set it free!

Seren Creative was born in South Wales. It's the new home for my creative work, making podcasts and online courses for other communicative people.

The word 'Seren' is the Welsh word for star. I'm aware that the in-house professionals I generally partner with work hard every day to champion the people around them. They sit back and let others take the lime light. I'd like to raise the profiles of these secret stars and help them find the right way to make their voices heard.

As the Welsh-born founder of Seren Creative, I was delighted to find I had the chance to arrange a brand design workshop with the brilliant Nancy Poller, of Aligned Designs, on St David's Day. So, while we work behind the scenes on creating a more beautiful brand, the first version of Seren Creative comes to life online.

I've found it really tough to overcome my inner imposter and press the publish button, but I know this doesn't need to be perfect, just the start of something new.

My grateful thanks to the friends, family and colleagues who've given me the confidence to get going. Special thank you to Rachel Miller for the inspiration, guidance and the nudge to push the publish button!

Image by Tirion Jordan

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