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New award recognises the best in internal comms podcasting

At Seren we are keen advocates for the power of audio and podcasts to capture great stories and create real connections. We think this can be really helpful in the context of internal communication, that is, the way people inside an organisation, business or community share information and insight, connect and collaborate.

We’re delighted that the team behind the ICE Awards, the annual Internal Communication and Employee Engagement Awards, have decided to introduce a new category to recognise the best use of audio and podcasts for Internal Comms.

Here’s how the ICE Awards team describe their new category, Best use of audio:

From podcasts to recordings, audio branding to internal radio, many organisations are increasingly using audio to engage their employees. This category rewards those that have used audio effectively to enhance their internal communications.

We think it's time to celebrate the best of in-house audio and podcasting, so we are proud sponsors of this category. We can't wait to see those entries come in.

You can enter the awards here.

There's an opportunity to save if you’re interested in entering for any of the other categories! You can get your fifth entry free if you participate before 3 December 2022.

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