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Keep up to date with Seren

We have news!

This month we are releasing the first Seren Creative monthly newsletter.

We wanted a way to communicate with our community outside of our social media. We also want to share some tips, ideas and creative inspiration.

We'll give you a sneak peek into life behind the laptops at Seren Creative and share updates on what we've been getting up to over the last month. We'll signpost some of our favourite content and tell you about podcasts we think you'll enjoy. We'll also celebrate the things we loved working on and the amazing people we get to work with.

Our aim for this newsletter is that it will be something you enjoy spending a few minutes reading once a month, a place where you'll find something inspiring or something new to listen to.

We would love to hear your feedback after you’ve received your first issue.

To sign up for our monthly newsletter, head to the bottom of our ‘Home’ or ‘About’ pages on our website and press the ‘subscribe’ button.

We need a few of your details to be able to contact you with our newsletter each month. If you want to receive birthday wishes from the team too, just enter your birth month and day into the form! (Please note that this is in the American format of MM/DD).

See you there!


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